Hangover Relief! Tablets

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Product Overview

Listen to the doctor explain why Relief! Hangover Tablets work! (30 sec clip)

Healthier Liver & Brain
No More Hangover Effects Like You Have Experienced In The Past!

Relief! Hangover tablets help prevent the effects you know oh-so-well as a hangover. Rather than playing catch-up trying to minimize negative hangover effects after-the-fact, Relief! Hangover formula prevents these effects by inhibiting alcohol absorption into the liver and brain. So... inhibitions can be a good thing. And, "an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure" as Benjamin Franklin said and was proven correct.
Drink responsibly and enjoy yourself before, during and after!

  • Prevent: Inhibit alcohol absorption into the liver and brain
  • Follow-up: All Day Energy from a Relief! Energy tablet
    No Jitters, No bouncing-off-the-walls and No Sugar Crash. No Caffeine or Sugar


(No reviews yet) Write a Review